Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) imaging was performed on 1 JEOL JEM1400 Plus TEM operating at 120kV. All samples were supplied by Spintone. In this report a short overview will be given of the measurements performed in the period of September 2018 to June 2019. Figure 1 shows typical overview images of the TEM samples prepared by Jaap Verhage. On the sample 3 different kinds of organised could be observe:

  1. Graphitic Carbon
  2. Carbon Nano Onions
  3. Plausibly short Multi Walled Carbon Nano Tubes (MWNT’s)

as depicted respectively in Figure 2-4. On occasion contamination was observed of non-crystalline nature confirmed by electron diffraction.

Delft, July 25th 2019

Technical University Delft

dr. Wiel H. Evers; Measurement report Spintone

Figure 1

TEM images of typivcal overview images. A) sample R1 190228 B) sample D20 190626. On occasion TEM samples with large amounts of contamination were observed as depicted in B. Red circle indicates product while blue dashed circle represents unknown contamination.

Figure 2

TEM images of two examples of Graphitic Carbon. A) sample R1 190228 B) sample I1 190626 with in the inset a Electron Diffraction image of the selected region showing the crystalinity.

Figure 3

TEM images of twe examples of Carbon Nano Onions A) sample P2 190605 B) sample B2 190626

Figure 4

TEM images of two examples of plausibly short MWNT’s A) sample Q2 190626 B) Sample Q2 190626

Equivalent results from TEM microscopic validation tests can be found in TUD validation of Spintone Nano Carbon products