Spintone is a mission driven organization, playing a mayor role in climate change regression and, as a result, in energy transition. We innovated and apply a Quantum Physics technology to capture Carbon directly out of the atmosphere, and transform it to usable products like Nano Carbon products and Graphene.

Meteorology pioneer and MIT professor Jule Charney

“World to the processes driving global warming is a looming threat. Today climate change is no longer a challenge for some distant future; it is present and accelerating crisis requiring swift, far-reaching action. There is room and reason for every one of us to get involved.”

“Responding to the challenges of climate change will require structural transformations, serious Technical advances, and significant changes in collective behavior- a tall order. Yet every emergency reveals that “impossible” things are actually doable; in response to covid-19, our society has demonstrated its ability to change more and faster than we ever imagined. There is value in having stretched our thinking about the possibilities of human adaption and in having proved that, at our best, we do have the capacity to take action for the common good.”

A Spintone spirit

In this spirit a Spintone community developed a 6- years r&d Quantum Physics technology to offer present- and future generations a chance to breath clean air, and use clean energy.

We envision an improved life, made by environmental clean-tech


Our aim is to realize full potential of technology to clean air, and to provide clean energy. We collaborate with equal minded business partners.

Spintone as a regulator

As a regulator we promote development and adoption of technology that leads to broader responsibilities and  principles toward equal rights and self-determination for people.

Our program objectives

  1. We surface “what works” both regional and national
  2. We identify pilot initiatives as well as consume serviced packages
  3. We advocate changes to advance sector-wide tech adaption
  4. We work with partners and communities to map data and track progress


To fulfill our program in 2021-2022 we will impact climate change goals. We collaborate in ecosystems and provide QP clean-tech licenses to realize more Carbon capture in pursuing climate change goals. We provide a part in the industry 4.0 energy transition goals and an improvement of life in general.