Friesland (NL) is the Graphene Valley (2021-2022) with the first production of the Spintone hyper capacitor



Storage is key for micro-grids and industry

Spintone invented a novel Quantum physic production module for making 1-atom layers of Carbon hence Graphene.

This thin flexible material used in our solid state hyper capacitor can be used to power micro grids, industry, homes, cars and sun cells.

Applications Graphene

A small insight at what this material is capable of are: Graphene paint, smart windows, composites – Graphene plastics, water filters for drinkable clean water and the number one application of its potential of conductivity is storage.

Industrial energy transition

The Dutch government, the province of Fryslan supports us with grants to make our first alpha beta series of our Graphene solid state hyper capacitor. In this way supporting the industrial energy transition. The Spintone pristine Graphene solid state hyper capacitor is directly made out of Carbon extracted from the atmosphere.



Lelystad (NL): Spintone Farm (2021-2022). The first megaton CO2 capture and utilization plant in Europe



Carbon is the key to a green energy revolution

Through our Quantum physical container concept we are able to capture and split greenhouse gasses such as CO2, store the Carbon particles and utilize them into Nano products like Graphite, Nano Carbon Onions, Nano Tubes and Graphenes.

At the Spintone farm we manufacture at the same time of capturing the CO2, solar paints and conductive paints. Through robot “Flow-on” technology we are able to produce cheap OPV, organic Photovoltaic roll-to-roll sun cells.

Likewise with the same “flow-on “ technology we are able to make cheap production Carbon solid-state “capacitors” provided with our V-I chip connector, which connect the capacitor with the sun cells.

Making households self-sufficient

To capture CO2 and transform directly the realized carbon particles into cheap produced energy generated products affordable for households, makes the energy transition closer and possible.

Better together in Paris climate change with Spintone platform

The Spintone Farm concept is to license to reach our mutual Paris climate goals. Capturing, utilization and energy transition is a must to survive. Our Quantum physics technology is at your service.

Spintone advanced Carbon materials

Carbon Nano Onions

Advanced carbon materials for industry 4.0

Advanced materials science will impact most, if not all, aspects of the fourth industrial revolution. These materials are crucial for technologies ranging from energy generation, transmission and storage to water filtration and consumer electronics. They not be visible in all cases, but they will, quite literally, create a different material world. Industries require these materials to satisfy increasingly demanding performance requirements. The world needs the manufacturing processes for these materials to be sustainable to meet the greater global challenges for human civilization.

Spintone sourced in an ecologically responsible manner

With Quantum physics technology our Nano Carbon materials are composed of air abundant raw materials, manufactured using a green process, well integrated in a circular eco-system.

Spintone status

To inform and distribute the Spintone advanced materials in a responsible manner we are now in the process of producing MSDS-sheets. Technical University of Delft as well as Manchester University UK researches our materials under TEM and SEM conditions to characterize our Nano materials. As soon as we receive them, our distributors are able to order them in mass via our website.

Carbon Nano Tubes

Photo’s © Spintone, made on TEM Technical University of Delft