Spintone conducted an ongoing series of more than 30 labtest over the past 4 years. Each test consists of multiple specific schemas with starting situations of proces variables. More than 100 result sets where applied and studied under TEM microscope, resulting in over 600 photos with results of various carbon materials.

Test dashboard

TEM photos show hundreds of presences of:

  1. Graphite
  2. Multi Wall Nano Tubes
  3. Carbon Onions

TEM images of Carbon material

Each schema and starting situation were configured with database QR recorded combinations of equipment, software versions and precise electromagnetic settings. Each variation was recorded and afterward compared over time and cross referenced in configuration variations.

All comparison of results where redirected to test starting situations and new configuration setups with efficiency measurements.

Configuration tools with App QR asset scanning, composition and variation, to configure different types of output material

Each test contains references to test- and generic documentation, based on keyword referencing. Each test is extended with our mobile multimedia photo and film recording App for lab situations, directly recorded in our database, containing specifics and detailed information for test situations and tips for enhancements.

Our TEM reports, are validated by materials expert, and can be found in:

  1. TUD validations
  2. TEM measurements

Our QUBU series explain the scientific paradigm that is consistent with current Quantum physics models.