The Spintone Solid State Graphene Hyper Capacitor

Storage is Key for succeeding the Energy Transition. The Dutch Government provided us with a grant to focus on a large scale Production unit for Solid State Graphene Hyper Capacitors.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a 2D, nanometer-thin layer of Carbon atoms, covalence bounded at the corner points in a hexagonal form. It is, after graphite and diamond, the third variant of chemical bounded Carbon.

What are specifics of Graphene?

  1. Extraordinary thin (atom thick), therefore light weighted
  2. Transparent since a Graphene layer is completely transparent
  3. High mechanical strength and hardness
  4. Very low resistance to electric current, super conductive
  5. Photovoltaic features (PV) with voltage current due to incidence of light
  6. Permeable to atoms and molecules with a filter effect
  7. Broad spectrum for light absorption; no weakening of light

What are the important applications of Graphene layers?

  1. Batteries, based on capacitor-principle, with extraordinary high capacity
  2. PV-Cells with an expected result of 70%
  3. Desalination (filter effect) of seawater into drinkwater
  4. Protective coatings

The top three cited obstacles to Graphene adoption

  1. The price or cost of the material on a per unit basis
  2. The ability to either produces the material, or the availability of Graphene materials on large, industrial scale
  3. The ability to produce Graphene on a repeatable basis of the required quality

The characteristic of Hyper Capacitors is to deliver high power in a very short time, which can be used in various applications

  • A network of electricity, where they are used to absorb peaks and troughs on the net
  • In hybrid cars and buses, since many short charge and discharge cycles shorten the life of a battery. Capacitors, however, are extremely suitable for this. Even if a lot of energy is needed quickly, the hyper capacitor can deliver it faster than the battery
  • Starting heavy engines such as diesel generators, diesel trains and other heavy equipment. The short explosive supply of energy to start the engines can very well be provided by hyper capacitors

Spintone succeeds in large-scale production of Graphene

  • The Spintone QP Direct Carbon Capture Clean-Tech is designed at low cost. The price issues for large scale production of Graphene is vast. Our large scale Graphene production of will be made form Carbon, directly out of CO2 in our atmosphere, as demonstrated in TEM photo’s of TUD Technical University of Delft
  • Industrial large-scale production is possible in QP systems
  1. Nature works for us through a Quantum Physics HCNO cycle technology. If we capture one molecule of CO2, nature will directly redistribute another CO2 molecule at the same place. This gives us the possibility of a continuous process of Carbon capture and Carbon displacement directly to our Graphene deposit table
  2. The rotational motion in our QP production tool is designed for the momentum of motion (the angular momentum) which is the sum of the Quantum integrals of the potential of mass, velocity and distance to the axis of all parts of objects. This process organizing the growing accretion of Carbon atoms in a Graphene lattice at a quality level
  3. With this system we are able to make different types of Graphene, for example Graphyne. The system is reproductive and repeatable for various types of Nano-material