Reversing climate change through a sustainable carbon mining business model

Spintone CO2 is a clean tech container, which removes CO2 out of the atmosphere and splits the carbon from the CO2 and CH4, which transforms them into nano carbon products and graphene.

With this quantum physics technology, we have developed a low-tech and low-cost device for reducing greenhouse gasses as agreed in the Paris agreement.

Cleaning the earth's atmosphere for our collective future

Spintone’s mission is to correct the earth’s temperature through carbon capture, storage- and utilisation technology which is both profitably sustainable as well as socially and environmentally justified.


To remove as much CO2 from the atmosphere as physically possible with the resources that we have been provided. We move because we must


Spintone’s ideal world is one in which we will no longer have to remove C02 from the atmosphere out of necessity, but we take the pressure of our concerns on CO2 production


Our ability to transcend polluting sources is a key foundation for our success. The demand for cleaner business implementation during the energy transition will propel our technology to the forefront of climate change

When we walk down this path, we have no competition … just brothers in arms.

Spintone is collaborating on a multi-sectorial level to achieve his mission. Our partners currently hail from an European base and range from universities, financial institutions, manufacturers as well as a number of private and public sector advisors.

Spintone CO2 core team

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